RSS feed is one of the important tool to publicize your creation in the open web. Everyone who has subscribed your RSS feed will get notified quickly in no seconds as soon as your RSS feed get updated. It also plays a significant role in search engine optimization (SEO) as search engine robots also crawl RSS to check for new resources.

Sometimes, when you publish you creation, it become available in your local site RSS feed but not in Feedburner’s RSS feed. Usually it is not the case but some people can come across this situation. If the feed in not yet published in the Feedburner’s RSS then it may be delayed by 30 minute interval.


So here is the solution for those who want to update their Feedburner’s feed immediately just after they publish any post or creation:

Open the link and paste your site url in the input box and hit the ‘Ping Feedburner’ button. It will update the RSS feed in Feedburner.

You can also bookmark it as a handy tool to update it frequently so that no one miss your any update in any time.

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