To provide better experience of the advertisements provided by Google, they had updated Consumers Terms of Service which will be effective from 11th of Nov, 2013. These updates are mostly from the advertising and the commercial context but it will effect the end-user social behavior also.

Some of the salient features of the Google Consumer Terms Of Service updates are as follows:

  1. Advertisement Behavior: To provide better experience to its users, Google is now using the Shared Endorsements through which it can show recommendations from your friends/relatives (whoever you know) in the advertisements displayed via Google.

    This update explains how the profile photo and name of the Google+ user will appear on the advertisements i.e. if you are going to +1 ‘d any product somewhere in the online store then your friends will see your recommendation/reviews in the search results, advertisements related to that products.

    You can still control the behavior using the Shared Endorsements setting under the Google+ setting page which is available here Share Endorsements.


  2. Mobile Safety: It is not about theft safety but it explains about the safe usage of Google Services in your mobile. It clearly explains that we should be using Google service in our mobile devices with responsibility so that it may not cause any harm to us and also must abide by law.

  3. Password Confidentiality: Some of us take it lightly but it is of utmost importance as password theft may cause a great loss of your identity, assets, social behavior etc. So taking the good cause, Google is making it very important for its consumers to be aware of their password confidentiality.

These updates also applies to all of the Google properties like Google+, Google Apps, etc. In case of Google Apps, deployment of the updates will not be available at the later date and Domain Administrators has a control on the application of these updates to their users but after a deadline it will be turned off by default.

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