Usually Google is smart enough to detect the country and language based on your location. It always display the content in your language and localized to the same country.

In order to change the language and geographical country, we can use two URL parameters which can be passed along with any Google domain websites.

For language change, use ‘hl’ parameter i.e. ‘hl=en’ where en is Web Interface Language Code for English.

To save the language setting in the cookie, use ‘persist_hl =1’.


Similarly for country setting use ‘gl’ parameter i.e. ‘gl=US’ where US is the ISO 3166-2 country code for United States of America.

To save the country setting in the cookie, use ‘persist_gl =1’.


We can also use them in combination like:


In Google search, if you want to search content in specific language then use ‘lr’ parameter with the value of search language codes.


Above query will search for stories content in Hindi language

Search language codes are formed by adding ‘lang_’ with Web Interface Language Code.

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